Account Linking Service

Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or a campus ID...? We're all the same person!                                          

The Cirrus Account link service is all about making the connection between one human and multiple digital identities.

You may need to create a unique record for a person within your enterprise identity store, and you'd like that person to be able to log in with different identities at different times. Maybe a social identity before they get their institutional ID, and then again after they quit their job, or graduate. Cirrus Account Link allows you to provide a seamless user login experience even as the user migrates from an external digital identity, to an institutional one, and back.

When you provide an option to login with multiple social identities, people may forget WHICH social identity they have previously chosen. Doh! Not to worry, our Account Link service helps manage this common human behavior.  We make it easy to tag each social identity with a specific user so they can forget every time and never experience a challenging login process. 

Technical talk

Account Linking service maps basic profile attributes, including unique identifiers, across multiple identity providers to the same person. With our account link service, Cirrus Identity can generate and maintain a unique, persistent identifier for each person using your service, so they can migrate between external identity providers and you always receive the same identifier in return.

You may have an enterprise-wide ID that you'd like to link to one or more social identities, such as a campus NetID or a globally unique ID. Or you may have an identifier within a specific Service Provider that you'd like to key to users of that service. 

Cirrus Identity can accept one or more unique identifiers from your institution and link those to external identities, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.