Maximizing Alumni Engagement

For many institutions, maintaining a connection to a student after he or she has completed studies is a fundamental part of the institution’s mission. Institutions may want to extend services to the student such as career services, transcript processing, or portfolio services. Institutions also have a vested interest in maintaining the connection as part of marketing and fundraising efforts. These services and connections cannot be maintained without some basic security that is low effort for the alumni and cost effective for the institution.

Expecting alumni to create yet another account and password creates an unnecessary step and means missed opportunities to engage alum.

Cirrus Identity's solutions make it easy for alum to log with identities they already use every day, like Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. With our Account Linking service, alumni can connect social identities to a previously created institutional identity so the alumni connection can be enriched with historic data if appropriate. This way, students can smoothly transition to alumni with minimal effort while still maintaining a strong and valuable connection to the Institution.

Like alumni, emeritus professors and retired staff can also benefit from extending services. Library access, benefits administration, and basic directory maintenance can all be streamlined in a similar way.