Bridge Service

We speak SAML so you don't have to

Federated identity management is the way to go if you're trying to share services across institutions, but it can be time-consuming and costly to set up and maintain your SAML identity provider. Cirrus Identity offers a hosted SAML Bridge service that can relieve your internal IT staff of ongoing operational work, and we can also assist campuses and companies with the documentation required for on-boarding to federations like InCommon.

Technical talk

The Cirrus Bridge can connect multiple types of internal identity providers to a single SAML Bridge. For example, we can service as your SAML Identity provider if you maintain all your campus or school identities in GoogleApps or Active Directory. We redirect users to your internal identity stores for authentication and handle the SAML response. This allows you to keep user credentials on-prem, and reduces your risk when integrating cloud solutions for your institutions. The Cirrus Bridge can also integrate with your local CAS or LDAP authentication services, or authenticate against multiple backend identity stores at your school (for example, multiple Active Directory instances).

If you need to expand access to your application to users outside your institution, you can combine the SAML Bridge with our Gateway Service to allow authentication from social identities as well.