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The Bridge literally adds a tool between your enterprise identities, the federations you want to join, and the services your users need to access. Our Bridge interoperates easily with open source identity provider solutions like Shibboleth and simpleSAMLphp; as well as commercial offerings from Microsoft and others.

  • Connect your enterprise identities to popular federation metadata like InCommon and eduGAIN

  • No need to run additional local infrastructure (IDaaSs solution)

  • Connects to multiple technologies / protocols (SAML, CAS, Microsoft Azure AD, and more)

Common Uses

Federation without Frustration

Connect enterprise identities from Azure AD or other commercial identity solutions with federated services (InCommon), without having to run ADFS, or local installations of Shibboleth, SimpleSAMLphp, etc.

Custom Federation

Create custom federations to share web-based services among multiple organizations.