Console | Getting Started 

The Cirrus Console is the tool admins will use to configure integrations, manage both Service Providers (SPs) and Identity Providers (IdPs), set user interface styling, and much more. The Cirrus Console supports federated and social login via our own Discovery and Gateway services. Our customers access the Cirrus Console from their enterprise accounts, so the first step is to establish trust between the Cirrus Console and your enterprise IdP.

1. Your institutional IdP configuration

To log in to the Cirrus Console, Cirrus Identity recommends your institutional IdP release both the mail and eduPersonPrincipalName attributes to the Console service provider. It is technically possible to access the Console with either attribute, but functionality may be limited. For example, accessing the Invitation Service explicitly requires the mail attribute when controlling invitation sponsorship using a list of email addresses.

The service provider for the Console is listed in the InCommon metadata with an entityID of:

2. Make sure you are provisioned as an administrator in the Console

Subscribing customers will have initial organizational administrators (Org Admins) provisioned as part of customer on boarding. Organizations that choose to conduct a trial or a proof-of-concept with Cirrus Identity may also be provisioned with access as part of the trial/proof-of-concept. Organization administrators can add additional administrators at anytime by going to “My Orgs | Admins” in the Console.

3. Log in to the Cirrus Console

Once the individual is set up as an administrator and organization’s Identity Provider is releasing email and/or ePPN attributes to the Console, the individual can try logging in by selecting “Login” from the Cirrus Identity website top navigation bar. The individual will be taken to a Cirrus Discovery Service screen. The individual’s organization will be available as a provider choice. See the next section for additional detail.

Logging into the Cirrus Console

To access the Cirrus Console, click the Login at the top of the Cirrus Identity website. Once you reach the login page, you will need to select your identity/login provider from the Cirrus Discovery Service.

Cirrus Console.png

You can search for your provider by typing in the text field. If your provider is not listed, please contact

Cirrus Console 2.png

If you receive an error when you attempt to log in, a common reason is your organization’s identity provider is not configured to trust the Cirrus Console. Please see Step #1 of Console | Getting Started.

The Cirrus Console - Dashboard

Once logged into the Console, you will be presented with a dashboard that indicates both the organization and the service providers you have access to.


The My Organizations section lists the organization you are associated with and will be highlighted if you are an organization level administrator. The My Service Providers section lists any service providers which you are able to administer. For more details about each of these sections, see the following: