Documentation | Self-Registration



The Self-Registration add-on extends either the Account Linking Service or the Invitation Service with a static landing page for end users to start the registration process. The solution provides options to register with a social login provider supported by the Cirrus Identity Gateway and, if the customer is using the Cirrus Identity External Identity Provider, custom external accounts as well. The add-on also extends the claim process shared by the Invitation Service and Account Linking to ensure there is a complete set of registration data at the end of the claim process.

  • The Self-Registration add-on provides a unified interface for end users to choose from enterprise, custom, social, or federated identity providers (on left) to access enterprise applications (on the right)

  • Capable of integrating with organization Systems-of-Record and/or enterprise identity management systems

  • The End User registrations can be used for application access control for multiple systems