External Identity Provider Service

What if my guest users don't want to use social identities?

We can host your guest accounts for you, with a look and feel to match your campus brand.

Your organization has been working to improve the control of identities used for the core services at your institution. You have strict processes and a central identity provider. The information security officer may actually be getting some sleep.

If there was just some way to provide identities for the hundred or so field researchers. They never come on campus and they only need access to the research wiki and email. That is the last group preventing sending the temperamental legacy guest system to that great Perl graveyard in the sky.  

Don’t give up on that goal of improving your security position. The Cirrus External Identity Provider allows you to provision small numbers of identities using invitations or self-registration, with branding and credential policies configurable for your organization. The result is a dedicated SAML IdP that can be operate alongside your organization's existing IdP for applications that support multiple IdP endpoints, incorporated into federations, or combined using the Cirrus Identity IdP Proxy.