Guest Account Management Made Easy

Businesses, universities and global research companies need to engage customers and users outside their company (former employees, alumni, consultants). These users need access to online communities and resources but don't have or qualify for an enterprise identity.

You might already have an account service that allows these external logins, but most likely these external customers had to create a new user name and password. This is a major opportunity for them to disengage. We all know that frustration of creating yet another online identity. Ugh. 

Some Common Guests



  • Pay and view tuition/housing
  • View course schedule
  • Register and pay for events


  • Continuing Ed
  • Auditors
  • Guest faculty
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  • Make donations
  • Engage online
  • Mentor and network


  • Register for tours
  • Engage with students
  • Explore student life


  • Access to files
  • Engaging with your company
  • Auditing processes


  • Project access
  • External collaborators
  • Manage communication

Making it as easy as possible to engage

Cirrus Identity offers a suite of services that enable complete outsourcing of guest account management, saving organizations money and improving user engagement. Our solution suite includes:

Gateway + Discovery Service: Quick and easy integration of social login for enterprise access

Invitation Service: Designate authorized "sponsors" who can invite external users - students invite parents, faculty invite guests, HR invites retirees

Account Linking Service: Map external identities (Google, Facebook, etc) to an internal identifier, so that guest account authorization can be managed just like internal accounts

Identity Provider Proxy Service: Single point of identity integration so you integrate social identities once for multiple campus services 

APIs: Integrate external identities with your internal IDMS via API integrations