Incoming Students

The identity management nightmare of Applying to College

College applicants have to create 10 or more new user accounts in the process of submitting applications, when ultimately they only need one new user account at the college they choose. Creating a ridiculous number of new accounts is time-consuming and frustrating for High School students and their parents, and also costly for universities. Most campuses require admitted students to create a user account to view admissions offers, but only a fraction of admitted students actually enroll. Campuses are left with tens of thousands of accounts to purge each year for admitted students who never matriculate.

Cirrus Identity is working with a number of campuses to allow students to use an existing identity, like Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook during the application process, and only create an account on campus once the student is committed to attending.

Our student intern last summer was applying to college, and she graciously agreed to document her experience in a blog series: Applying to College - An Identity Management Nightmare - Part 1

How Many Accounts Does it Take to Apply to College