Identity Provider Proxy Service

You need to federate, but your app doesn't know how...

You've found the perfect vendor application, and you need folks to log in from your own campus, a few other campuses, and you might want to allow social log in, too. You think you're in luck because the application already supports SAML, but then you find out the application can only be set up to talk to one identity provider.

Not to worry! The Cirrus Proxy Service can integrate with your application, and handle the integration of federated identity providers and social providers for you.

Technical talk

Many very compelling vendor applications have integrated SAML authentication, but can only support bilateral integrations, with their application on one side, and your identity provider on the other. But often times you may want to allow users to choose from a number of identity providers. After all, that's a primary reason you invested in federated identity management in the first place.  

The Cirrus Proxy can be the single Identity Provider endpoint that integrates with your service. The Proxy consumes metadata from several federations, and is also integrated with the Cirrus Gateway Service, so you can allow logins from multiple identity providers (both SAML and OAuth/OpenID Connect) providers. The Proxy Service includes a discovery interface where users choose the identity provider they'll use to log in. You can customize the look and feel of the discovery interface and use our drag-and-drop configuration panel to select the identity providers you'd like to display.

If you need extra support on the SAML integration with your vendor product, we can work with your vendor contact. Our administration console will allow you to quickly and easily set up and maintain identity provider integration and discovery yourself.