Dedra Chamberlin - CEO & Founder

Dedra has 15 years of experience leading identity and access management strategy at UC Berkeley and UCSF, and chaired the workgroup responsible for crafting the University of California's system-wide identity strategy. She has participated in numerous nation-wide identity strategy workgroups and speaks regularly at higher ed IT conferences. Dedra knows the pain points of digital identity management because she’s lived them at leading universities, and as leader of Cirrus Identity, she is bringing innovative, easy-to-integrate identity solutions to educational institutions and companies around the globe. Her goal is to take the frustration out of enabling secure access to online services for all. 


Patrick Radtke - CTO

Patrick has been working in Identity Management for 11 years. He has developed custom Identity Management systems at Columbia University and Stanford University, worked as a consultant on access control systems and helped build the identity layer for several SaaS products. Patrick has a Masters degree in computer security and loves testing his co-workers' code for vulnerabilities. 



Rob Urquhart - Principal Identity Engineer

Rob has worked in higher education IT services for 27 years, with 20 years in Identity Management. He developed the IdM system that is in use at Simon Fraser University. He is a strong advocate of open source standards and was an early adopter of LDAP, Shibboleth, and Grouper.  


Søren Glasius - Grails Developer & Architect

Søren is a full stack developer; he has almost 15 years experience in Java, and since 2009 he has been passionately involved with technologies in the Groovy ecosystem. He has developed custom IDM systems for UC Berkeley. Søren is also a Grails expert and evangelist.

Cloud Infrastructure


Jon Skelton - Senior Systems Administrator

Jon has 15+ years experience designing and scoping Linux and Unix systems and 13 years working within Higher Education. He's spent the past three years designing and deploying API management and collaboration applications on AWS for UC Berkeley. He is managing our Amazon Web Services infrastructure.


Mark Rank - Product Management and Customer Success

Mark spent 15 years in higher education operations roles for ERP and Identity Management teams. Each role had one foot in technology and the other in processes of delivering services. Mark not only serves as Cirrus Identity's SCRUM Master, he brings to the team process experience, formal project management practices, and the occasional loaf of handmade sourdough. 

Marketing & Sales

Rachel Rudnick - Marketing and Graphic Design Consultant

Rachel joined Cirrus Identity just after graduating from Susquehanna University with a degree in Corporate Communications and a minor in Business Administration. She has held numerous internships with companies ranging from SaaS service providers to ski shops, to government agencies. She has a wealth of experience in graphic design, social media management, and all manner of Integrating Marketing Communications. We’re thrilled to have Rachel on the team and looking forward to growing her career along with the company.


Kaia Brem

­­­­­Kaia joined Cirrus Identity in summer 2016 as an intern. She’s a senior in high school and recently experienced one of the big identity challenges we are solving - the digital identity nightmare of applying to college. While at Cirrus, she took a major role in lead generation and worked with marketing on new projects and campaigns. Kaia looks forward to finishing high school and attending college next fall. 

 Business Advisors


Alexsis is an investor and entrepreneur with over 25 years investment experience. She is the founder and managing partner of Merian Ventures, a US and UK venture capital firm. Merian Ventures partners with exceptional female entrepreneurs who are driven to build competitive and profitable companies in fintech, consumer, mobile and cyber security. In its focus on women entrepreneurs Merian aims to find and fund the rise in female-led innovation that has been largely overlooked by the venture-investment community.

Prior to creating Merian Ventures, Alexsis held leadership roles and board seats with companies she funded or founded, senior executive roles in YBA Ventures, Commerce One, Shell International in London and Holland where she served in a number of management positions, including director of M&A, venture investments and treasury advisor. She also worked at Kidder Peabody Investment Bank in London and Boston.

Alexsis is a frequent speaker and author on business, investing and the role of women in entrepreneurship and technology. Alexsis has been a featured presenter and contributor on CNN, the United States Military Academy at West Point, the Milken Institute, the Smith Institute and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She has also been published in The Economist, MIT Magazine and the Financial Times. She serves on the Fulbright Commission, the leadership board of The Osher Center at the University of California Medical School San Francisco and on the advisory board of CapLinked, Clearbrook, Provenance, Pokidot, Oorja and CirrusID. Alexsis has an MS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MBA from Erasmus University, Holland and a BA from the University of Texas, Austin.



Andrew Hecht is an experienced corporate lawyer and entrepreneur. Prior to founding the Law Offices of Andrew A. Hecht, Andy was a corporate and securities lawyer at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP, a leading international law firm, based in the firm’s offices in New York, Tokyo and Palo Alto. Prior to studying law, he was a successful software developer, who helped design and build the enterprise servers that became the initial backbone of the online bill payment industry. He also developed speech recognition-based trader workstations to enable stock traders to engage in high speed hands-free trading. Mr. Hecht holds a B.A in Asian Languages & Civilizations from Amherst College, a J.D. from the Duke University School of Law and a M.E.M. in Environmental & Resource Economics from Duke University - Nicholas School of the Environment.


Katherine Glassey

Katherine is a dynamic leader, strategist and evangelistic senior executive with more than 25 years entrepreneurial and management experience creating products and markets for enterprise software, business intelligence, big data, life science and medical device companies. She is also a successful fund raiser, skilled communicator, devoted leader, effective product manager who excels in creating products that deliver value and increase revenue. Her skills encompass product marketing, product management, partnerships, business development, M&A, sales, corporate evangelism, operations and executive leadership.

Technical Advisors


Lucas Rockwell - Architect & Advisor

Lucas has been working in higher education for over 14 years and in higher education Identity Management for over 10. He fell in love with LDAP while working at UC Berkeley and hasn't turned back since. He is the author of the the Grails directory-service LDAP plugin and ran CAS and wrote Rails web apps for managing a user's identity. At UCSF he wrote the first version of the campus' main mobile "app", and established the Enterprise Directory Service. He co-founded Cirrus Identity in 2013, and continues to advise the company.


Ian Tegebo - Cloud Architect Advisor

Ian worked in higher education at UC Berkeley as a student tech-lead for 4 years before taking a position at Amazon's A9 Product Search in Palo Alto. He worked at A9 for six years focusing on how Amazon-Scale affects all aspects of design, operations, and maintenance. Experience supporting the burgeoning CloudSearch and attempting to "reboot" further refined his approach to software engineering and Cloud Computing.