Contractors and Retirees


Contract support is often expensive, so onboarding contractors quickly is a high priority. Cirrus Identity can reduce the time it takes to get your contract staff secure access to enterprise systems.


There is significant opportunity for an enterprise to rethink engagement with departing staff if the first thing the employee experiences is something more graceful than ‘slamming the door’ on access.


An Online “Guest Pass” for the Enterprise

Most companies utilize short-term staff from time-to-time. Contract employees are typically onboarded in the same manner as enterprise account holders, but given access only to the services they need to perform their job.

The overhead involved in creating and managing an enterprise account for short-term staff places an underappreciated burden on enterprise IT teams.

With Cirrus Identity, contractors can create an account in our brandable external account system or register a social login like Google, LinkedIn, or Microsoft for access to authorized enterprise services. Our Gateway makes it simple to integrate external user accounts with your enterprise Web Single Sign-On solution so no re-engineering is required to support external users.


Contractor onboarding can take weeks due to account creation and access management processes. This photo shows a contractor signing their contract. Cirrus makes it easy to onboard them quickly.

Cumbersome Onboarding

Creating enterprise accounts for short-term contract employees can take a long time.

Security Risks

Too many organizations have incomplete or poorly managed de-provisioning processes. If you don’t create enterprise accounts for users, you face less risk around de-provisioning.

Costly for Organizations

Provisioning and de-provisioning user credentials for short-term staff is expensive. Using an external login provider reduces ongoing support costs.


How We Help

Eliminate Account Creation

Cirrus Identity reduces your IT support cost by eliminating the need to create and manage enterprise accounts for contractors. Our solutions enable login from a brandable hosted identity provider or external identity providers like Google or Microsoft.

Sponsored Accounts

You can easily require that a new user be “sponsored” by an enterprise account holder before they can register with an external identity. Our Invitation Service provides configurable email invitation flows to link a sponsor to a contract employee.


Login Accounts are Terminated

When employees retire, their employee record is marked inactive, and they are no longer able to login to enterprise services.

Retirees Still Need Access

Retirees still need access to enterprise services to access retirement information, corporate alumni services and more.

Maintaining Accounts is Costly

Maintaining user accounts for retired staff is costly for the IT team, a burden to the service desk, and frustrating for retirees who log in less frequently and forget their passwords.

Retirees often lose access to their enterprise account, but still need access to services. Cirrus solutions allow organizations to link retiree accounts to an externally hosted credential. In this photo, a retired woman logs in using a computer.

How We Help

Enables External Login

After retirement, allow retirees to login with our brandable hosted identity provider or social login. No more support burden for your IT team and service desk.

Account Linking

Link retiree external identities to a previously created institutional identifier. This allows you to maintain existing integrations, while applying appropriate access controls for retired staff.

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