Cirrus Identity Careers

Cirrus Identity has a job opening - check it out below! We are always interested in talking to good people. If you are interested in working at Cirrus Identity, please send a cover letter and resume to

About Working at Cirrus Identity

Cirrus Identity is an innovative identity solutions provider primarily focused on the Higher Education and Research community. We serve over 100 universities and research organizations. The majority are US based , but we are expanding to other countries as well. Our team consists of many seasoned professionals who have worked at universities in the past.


We value:

Curiosity, resourcefulness and dedication to helping customers solve problems

Follow through on commitment to each other and the growth of the company

Kindness and professionalism with each other and with our customers


Our headquarters are in Oakland, CA, but our team is largely remote. We use a variety of tools to ensure close collaboration.  Cirrus Identity is a small company, so everyone wears multiple hats. The goal is to build cool, effective, affordable identity solutions in an environment that fosters teamwork and camaraderie!