Customer registration and login is still one of the #1 sources of customer drop-off. With the Cirrus Gateway, you can create a frustration-free login experience by enabling both social and enterprise login for the same application.


Take the Frustration Out of User Login

The Cirrus Gateway service, along with our configurable Discovery Service, help you take the frustration out of the user login experience so that customers stay engaged. We make it easy to configure a user-friendly login experience leveraging both enterprise and social login.


Bringing Social Login to Enterprise Services

The Cirrus Identity Social Gateway simplifies the identity management challenge. It allows your enterprise applications to accept Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, and other social identities for log in.

This allows those users that haven’t yet joined your organization, those that have left your organization, or those only loosely connected to your organization to still have controlled access to your enterprise applications.

Social login and enterprise SSO to the same application. Diagram shows users on the left logging in with enterprise accounts via enterprise IdP and social login via the Cirrus gateway to applications represented on the right of the diagram.

How We Work

Both the Cirrus Identity Social Gateway and the Cirrus Identity Discovery Service are part of our identity management in the cloud solutions. They are designed to “plug” into any enterprise that is already utilizing the SAML or CAS protocols for managing access to their applications.

  • Enterprise applications (on the right) can be configured to allow social login for some users

  • Enterprise users can still log in via enterprise SSO

  • Customers do not need to run additional infrastructure (IDaaS)

  • We’re on top of the integration details for social providers so you can forget about it

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