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The experienced Cirrus team will help you implement solutions to simplify and secure your identity and access management environment!

Cirrus External Login Solutions Streamline Access for

External Users, Sponsors & Guests

Great for applicants, alumni, parents, continuing ed, contractors and more!

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InCommon & eduGAIN Services Easily Utilize

InCommon & eduGAIN Services

Outsource integration and maintenance for federation services and applications!

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Secure SSO Login Solutions Cloud WHITE FILL Secure SSO Logins to

Applications for Many Institutions

Users login with their institutional username and password!

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SSO Protocol Translation Integrate Applications with

Single Sign-On Protocol Translation

Managed solution enables login to applications with different protocols.

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Solution to Easily Federate SSO for

InCommon & eduGAIN

Cloud hosted and managed service to easily federate your Identity Provider or Service Providers!


Many research and scholarship applications are provided through the eduGAIN federations including InCommon.

Cirrus supports multilateral federation and helps institutions quickly integrate. Then, faculty, staff and students can use their institutional username and password to login to services.

These are some of the commonly used applications by Cirrus customers.

Common Apps

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Cirrus Solution Overview:  

Easily Federate SSO for InCommon & eduGAIN 


Challenges Solved

 Consolidate on Azure AD, Okta, Duo or another IdP and move to a cloud hosted and  managed solution that supports multilateral federation.

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New to InCommon services (or another national federation)? No need to install, administer, patch and upgrade Shibboleth.

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Easily move to a cloud-first hosting strategy.  No need to recruit and retain Shibboleth skills and no more on-prem infrastructure.

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Provide a software solution to the higher ed and research community? Cirrus supports multilateral federation for easy access by all institutions.

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Solution Highlights

End users can use their institutional username and password to:

- Login to hundreds of research, library and educational services provided through InCommon and eduGAIN!

Identity & Access Management Administrators can:

- Integrate the Cirrus Bridge with their Identity Provider and register with the InCommon/ eduGAIN federation - no more upgrades!

Solution Value

Customers Love Us!

Solution High Level Architecture:

Easily Federate SSO for InCommon & eduGAIN


High Level Architecture for Institutions (Identity Providers)

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High Level Architecture for Applications (Service Providers)

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Solution Products:

Easily Federate SSO for InCommon & eduGAIN


Provides a SAML federation adapter that supports Azure AD, Okta, Google and other commercial identity providers to connect to services provided through InCommon and all eduGAIN federations.  No need to install and support Shibboleth.


SAML Bridge


Enables logins to an application from multiple federated identity providers.  Also includes an intuitive and configurable login discovery service. The proxy supports sophisticated attribute translation as well as SAML, CAS and OIDC protocols.


Authentication Proxy


An option to redirect authentication traffic from the existing Identity Provider to the Cirrus SAML Bridge without having to reconfigure each service.  The DNS add-on speeds implementations when many existing services are integrated.




An option to include required authentication attributes that are not stored in the primary Identity Provider.  LDAP can be accessed or an API can be configured to access other data stores.


Attribute Authority

Who Benefits from the Solution? 

Easily Federate SSO for InCommon & eduGAIN


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