Whether the users are logging in with enterprise accounts, social identities, or federated partners, the login process should be intuitive and EASY. Like really EASY.


It’s About End User Experience

The end user experience for service login can be a significant cause for customer drop-off -- more than 40% is some cases.

The Cirrus Identity Discovery Service provides drag and drop configuration toold for designing a login screen. Admins can easily set custom end-user instructions and brand elements. Our service is built to meet requirements for third party identity providers and to integrate with identity federation metadata.

Making it Super User-Friendly

We've got a proven user experience design for the “Discovery” process that is intuitive for the end use, and is drag-and-drop for application administrators. We are so committed to making login EASY, the Cirrus Identity Discovery Service comes with every Gateway and Proxy subscription.


How We Work

We provide a standalone, SAML compliant discovery service where users can be redirected after clicking a "login" button in your application. We also provide an embedded version that you can run within your own application.

The Discovery Service is designed to allow IT staff at your organization to easily add and remove social, federated, and custom identity providers with our simple drag-and-drop configuration interface.

  • When they log in, users can easily choose from enterprise, custom, social, or federated identity providers (on left) to access enterprise applications (on the right)

  • The solution can be stand alone (shown) or embedded in customer applications

  • The solution can be configured for a list style (shown) or a button style more commonly seen on other consumer websites

  • Admins can customize brand and add text instructions for end users

  • There are also options to apply your brand and add instructions for end users. If you need to make changes, no problem. Changes take place in real time.

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