External users, or “guests,” can be a risk to your organization. Reduce risk by requiring an enterprise “sponsor” for guest accounts, and reduce cost by configuring Cirrus Identity’s Invitation service rather than writing custom code.


The Right Balance Between Secure and Easy

“You can’t have your cake and eat it, too” or so goes the figure of speech. Often organizations want to both control who has access and streamline access for authorized users. The Cirrus Invitation service is one solution that helps organization reach the right balance between security and ease of use.

Sponsored Accounts Manage the Relationship

One of the easiest ways to extend access to users outside of the organization is to use sponsored accounts. This allows for both a distributed method of managing access and ensures there is still accountability.

With the Cirrus Invitation service, organizations can allow social login to some applications, but only when “sponsored” by an authorized enterprise account owner.


How We Work

The Cirrus Identity Invitation service builds a relationship between a Sponsor and an end user. This is accomplished by creating an invitation with the end user’s email using either our web based application or a REST based API.

  • Users (on the left) receive an email from a sponsor “inviting” them to claim an identity to use when accessing an enterprise app (on the right)

  • Sponsorship requests can be created using the Cirrus web interface or REST based APIs

  • Admins configure guest and sponsor email notifications specific to the Service Provider

  • Sponsors and admins have the ability to extend or revoke access at any time

  • The Invitation Service acts as a coarse grained authorization solution for a service provider, with expiration and access lifecycle functionality

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