Our solutions are designed to be the handy tools you need to set up a lightweight identity management solution for your organization or to fill the gaps in your existing identity management implementation. Cirrus Identity modules run in the cloud (IDaaS) so the deployment becomes configuration instead of installation.

Easy integration of social login alongside enterprise web SSO environment. Social login only where appropriate and authorized.

Link external identities from social login or our external identity provider to your organization identifiers.

Designate authorized enterprise account holders to “sponsor” external guests.

A non-social login option. Use our Identity Provider of Last Resort or brand your own external identity provider that we host.

A single identity provider endpoint that supports sophisticated attribute capabilities, federation with multiple identity providers, and protocol translation.

A solution for when your existing IAM solution is not InCommon-friendly or needs to support mesh style federation.



Use drag and drop features to setup discovery, branding options, and multiple ways to add instructions for end users.

Easily configure and maintain Cirrus Identity’s IDaaS solutions using a centralized, web based administrative interface.

Extends either Account Linking or Invitation with capabilities to enable end users to register for application access themselves.


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