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Cloud hosted alternative for multilateral federation!

Key Features - SAML Bridge

Cloud hosted and managed product that integrates Azure AD, Okta, Duo SSO and other commercial Identity Providers that don’t support multilateral federation required by all eduGAIN national federations (InCommon, CAF, UK Federation and many others) for global research and scholarship. 

The Cirrus SAML Bridge is a cloud-hosted alternative to running Shibboleth or SimpleSAMLPhP.


The DNS Add-On supports redirecting SAML authentications from the existing Shibboleth service to the SAML Bridge without changes to the configured Service Providers and/or InCommon registration. 


The Attribute Authority Add-On supports integrating other required attributes at the time of authentication if they are not stored in the primary Identity Provider. 

Data Sheet - SAML Bridge

SAML Bridge Base Features

  • Cloud hosted and managed SaaS product that supports multi-lateral federation required by all eduGAIN federations including InCommon, Canadian Access Federation, UK Federation, FENIX or others.
  • Extends Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, Duo SSO and other SAMLV2 based SSO solutions to support multilateral federation.
  • Base subscription includes support for all InCommon Service Providers and up to 10 non-InCommon Service Providers at no extra charge.
  • Maps existing SSO attributes to research and scholarship standard expected by federations such as givenName (first name), sn (last name), and eduPersonPrincipalName.
  • Supports REFEDS Research and Scholarship standard release of attributes for trusted eduGAIN / InCommon Service Providers. Makes configuration of new services simple, secure and fast.
  • Supports REFEDS multi-factor authentication (MFA) context to meet the MFA signaling requirements of eduGAIN / InCommon Service Providers.

SAML Bridge Complimentary Products

  • See the Console product which is included at no extra charge.

Additional SAML Bridge Product Options

  • See the DNS and Attribute Authority add-on products for SAML Bridge
  • Additional custom Service Providers beyond the 10 SPs that are included with the base subscription.

Products Used with SAML Bridge


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