Why Cirrus Identity

Cirrus Identity offers innovative cloud identity management solutions specializing in external user account management and federation.

Enterprise security represented with a drawing of a fortress.

How We Work

We make it easy to integrate social login with Enterprise Web Single Sign-on, and we offer configurable tools for:

  • Sponsored accounts

  • Linking social identity to enterprise identifiers

  • User login and registration

  • Branded external accounts for individuals without a social identity

  • A hosted Identity Provider of Last Resort

Reduce IT Spend and Make Users Happy

We can help you maximize engagement with all your strategic customers, and minimize the need for custom software and one-off integrations.


  • Frustrated users

  • Too many user accounts

  • 100’s of Helpdesk calls

  • Costly “guest account” systems

  • Custom software development


  • Increased user engagement

  • Streamlined access

  • Improved collaboration across organizations

  • Lower operating costs

  • Less distractions for your IT team

Identity Federation

We are experts in identity federation. We offer hosted services that will connect your enterprise identities with federations like InCommon, or set up your own custom federation to facilitate access control across multiple organizations.

Diagram showing shared service in the middle, with access from multiple identity providers including enterprise SSO, social login, federated partners (InCommon and eduGAIN), and Cirrus Identity’s hosted Identity Provider.

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