External Identity Provider

Some users don’t have or don’t want to use social identities like Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook. Some organizations prefer not to rely on social identities, but still need an external source of identities that can allow users to log into enterprise applications.


An External Identity That Shares Your Brand

Cirrus Identity’s External Identity Provider offers an external source of identities that can be branded as you wish. You can create “guest” accounts with your organization’s brand, so users don’t feel like they are being sent out to an external service, and your IT team doesn’t have to manage user accounts (and password resets) for all your external users.

We Can Host Your Guest Accounts For You

Many organizations build “guest” account systems. Those systems usually provide identities for a fraction of the total end users, but require far more custom software development, technical support, and service desk attention. Cirrus’ External Identity Provider allows an organization to provision identities with branding and configurable credential policies using a hosted solution. This allows organizations to send legacy guest systems to that great custom code graveyard in the sky.


How We Work

Cirrus’ External Identity Provider is a SAML compliant identity provider with a lightweight registration capability. To create an external identity, the end user provides a name, email address and any custom data required. The Registration process validates the email address and collects a password that meets the policies of the organization.

Once registered, the identity can be used for accessing any SAML service provider (or CAS with the Cirrus Proxy service).

  • End Users can create an account in the External Identity Provider Service (upper right) to access enterprise applications (in the middle)

  • The External Identity Provider can be a peer with other federated SAML identity providers

  • Easily configurable to reflects the organization branding and credential policies

  • Integrated into both the Cirrus Identity Invitation and Account Linking solutions


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