Alumni Engagement


For most universities and large companies, engaging alumni after they have left the organization is a high priority. Not only are alumni a key resource for ongoing financial contributions, they are a critical asset for career networking and mentoring.


Seamless Migration from Campus to Social Login

Most organizations disable access after users leave an organization, and alumni are typically asked to create a new user account for ongoing access.

Cirrus Identity makes it easy to migrate users from campus to social login, such as Google and Microsoft, or to our hosted identity service. We enable a consistent user experience across multiple alumni services such as transcript requests, career services, donation portals, event registration, and ePortfolios.


Improve alumni engagement with social login, and account linking with enterprise SSO– photo shows graduates celebrating in their caps and gowns

Too Many Alumni Don’t Engage

When alumni attempt to access online services after graduation, they often find out they have to register for a new user account. Many will just walk away.

Account Management is Frustrating and Costly

For those alum who do register, they often forget their passwords. This is frustrating for alum and puts a significant burden on the service desk.

Alumni Need Access to Services After Graduation

Maintaining connection to alum is critical for universities career services, transcript processing, or portfolio services.


How We Help

Enable Social Login

Easy access for alumni using identities they already use everyday, like Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Microsoft, or Facebook

Account Linking

Link alumni social identity to a previously created institutional identity to maintain and build on existing relationships

Consistent User Experience

Provide users the same login experience and social identity registration across multiple online services

Standard Technical Integration

Account linking enables your IT team to use the same integration patterns across multiple applications, saving you time and money


“We piloted Cirrus Identity’s social login solutions for our public facing Salesforce portal and Online Communities. It dramatically increased alumni login rates, which substantially reduced ongoing support requirements. It has been very successful, and since the original pilot we rolled out the Cirrus solution to all our other alumni services and platforms.”

Andre Zoldan
Senior Director of Technology, Alumni Association of the University of Michigan

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