Applicant and Parent Access


Applicants and parents need secure access to university services, but creating a university account for them is time-consuming, frustrating for the user, and costly for the university. Cirrus Identity can help you reduce user frustration and campus operating expense by allowing users to login with a social account they already use regularly, like Google or Microsoft, or a multipurpose education ID that we host.


Simplify Secure Access for Applicants and Parents

From first touch to enrollment, your incoming students and their parents need to access multiple online resources at your campus.

  • Prospects and applicants need access to financial aid, event registration, advising tools

  • Parents need access to billing, enrollment and housing systems

Some applications allow social login directly, but this doesn’t help when users need access to multiple services at your school.

Cirrus Identity’s solutions enable a consistent end user experience using social login across multiple online services, and seamless migration to campus login after enrollment.

Make every online interaction your prospects and their parents have with your campus a pleasant one.


Prospective students and incoming students apply for college and applications are stamped with the word “ACCEPTED”

Too Many User Accounts

College applicants often create 10-20 new user accounts in the process of applying to college! Applying to college is stressful enough, and this process adds significant time delays and frustration for high school students and their parents.

Security Risks

Creating a ridiculous number of new accounts can create security risks when applicants write passwords in their notebooks and share them with parents.

Costly for Organizations

Most campuses require admitted students to create a user account to view admissions offers, but only a fraction of admitted students actually enroll. Campuses are left with tens of thousands of accounts to purge each year for admitted students who never matriculate.


How We Help

Social Login Options

Cirrus Identity makes it easy to allow login from social identity providers like Google and Microsoft to multiple online services for prospects and applicants.

Hosted Identity

Cirrus Identity offers a multi-purpose identity provider that you can use for one or more educational applications. Use it alone or along with social login options.

Parent Access

Students can “sponsor” parent access via social login using the Cirrus Identity Invitation service. Configure email notifications and set expiry for parent access.

Easy Migration to Enterprise Accounts

With our Account Linking service, applicants and admits can access services with an external identity, and then transition seamlessly to campus login once they enroll.


At a large public university in the US, Cirrus Identity implemented a seamless login experience for student applicants for both Slate and Academic Works. This eliminated multiple steps in the user experience, and will cut down dramatically on service desk calls. The first time campus stakeholders in Admissions saw the new solution in action, they applauded and said "do it again!



Parent Access is Frustrating

Parents are typically asked to create one or more user accounts to access student enrollment and billing information.

Forgotten Passwords = helpdesk burden

Because parents log in infrequently, they often forget their passwords. This is frustrating for the parent, and places a big burden on campus helpdesk operators.

FERPA Compliance

Too many students share their credentials with parents. With our Invitation Service, students can “sponsor” parent access, and parents can log choose a social login option so they don’t have to create a new account.

Incoming students are dropped off at university by their parents

How We Help

Reduce Frustration from the Beginning

Parents often pay the bills and help their kids with enrollment. We help you give them a consistent, intuitive login process across all the services they need to access.

Build Strong Ties With Parents for the Future

Parents can be important college boosters long after their kids graduate. We help you make their experience with your online services positive so they keep coming back!


“We needed an intuitive process for students to invite parents to log in with a social identity. We have used Cirrus Identity’s solutions for the past two years with no operational problems. Our students and parents are happy, and our IT team can stay focused on higher priorities.”

Garrett King
Manager, Identity Services Operations and Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University

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