Guest Management


Businesses, universities, and global research companies implement enterprise Web Single Sign-On to streamline access to enterprise services. Of course almost every organization has users who need access to online services but don’t have, or don’t qualify for an enterprise identity.


Put Out a Welcome Mat for Your Online Guests

Many organizations require external customers to create a new username and password to gain access to online services. This is a major opportunity for your “guest” users to disengage, and a high support burden for your IT and service desk teams.

Cirrus Identity helps you engage external users quickly while minimizing user account management cost and frustration over time.

Guest Users

Custom guest account systems and sponsored account systems can require a lot of custom code, ongoing maintenance, and generate lots of helpdesk calls. This photo shows a guest logging in to access their account. Cirrus enables the complete outsourcing of guest account management.

Custom Software and One-off Solutions

IT teams often build custom software and infrastructure solutions to manage guest accounts. These implementations are often “one-off” and costly to maintain.

Creating and Managing User Accounts is Costly

When organizations create user accounts for “guests”, they incur the cost of maintaining the accounts, the risk of the accounts being breached, and the expense of helping users who forget their passwords.

Guests are Frustrated, Not Delighted

External users like alumni, contractors, retirees, parents and collaborators are critical to an organization’s business, but their user account registration and login experience is often very frustrating.


How We Help

Enable Social Login

Enable login from an external identity provider, such as social login or our brandable hosted identity provider.

Seamless Lifecycle Management

If guest users ever join your organization officially, migrate login to your enterprise account seamlessly.

Reduce Operating Expense

Cirrus Identity allows organizations to completely outsource guest account management and all the related operating expense. External users get a more streamlined experience.

Better Customer Engagement

Organizations want end-user experience to be smooth, intuitive, and secure every time they access services. Streamline “guest” user registration and login with Cirrus Identity’s suite of managed identity services.


Cirrus Identity's suite of solutions allows organizations to completely outsource guest account management, including a hosted external identity provider, sponsored account flows, social login, and account linking.


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