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Distance learning has become a key part of many university’s long-term strategies, and an important source of revenue for many organizations. Cirrus Identity can provide a hosted self-service user account creation flow, and manage user login via our hosted identity service or social login.


Access to Education Anytime from Anywhere

When you offer online education, a top priority is making it simple and secure for students to register and enroll in courses. This is true for a wide variety of online learning scenarios, including:

  • High school students enrolling in college courses

  • Career professionals seeking certification

  • Staff and volunteers completing required training

  • International students expanding their educational opportunities

  • Community members seeking personal enrichment

Many universities leverage their existing Learning Management System (LMS) for distance learning. Others set up a separate LMS for off-campus students.

Cirrus Identity offers identity management solutions that streamline access to online learning resources for these environments. We make it very easy to enable login from your existing campus accounts, our brandable external identity provider, and social login. Our goal is to help you make course registration quick and easy for your students, and to keep implementation and support costs low for your IT and service desk teams.

Focus on Learning, Not Password Resets

Identity management for learning management systems (social login, SSO, and externally hosted identity providers) has never been easier than with Cirrus Identity. Students pictured here are walking through Sather Gate at UC Berkeley, but many students opt for remote classes using a learning management system.

Friction During Registration

Forcing students to create a new username and password to register for online courses is frustrating and time-consuming.

Account Management is Frustrating and Costly

Students often forget their passwords. This is frustrating for the student and puts a significant burden on your organization’s service desk.

Needless Account Management

When students enroll in short-term professional certification courses, it’s very costly to create and manage a full-fledged enterprise account for them.


How We Help

Streamline Online Course Registration

Registration is faster and easier when students can register with accounts they already use everyday, like Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, or Facebook. You can also provide a non-social option with our brandable external identity provider.

Enterprise and Federated Login

You can easily integrate your enterprise SSO and federated partners alongside our social identity login service. That makes it easy for faculty, staff, and regularly enrolled students to log in, also.

Self-Registration or Sponsored Access

You can decide whether students can self-register or require an enterprise sponsor. Our configurable email and user flow tools support both models.

Easy Migration to Enterprise Accounts

Account linking enables your IT team to use the same integration patterns across multiple applications, saving you time and money


“Cirrus Identity’s Gateway solution was quick to implement; the Cirrus team really understood what we needed and was great to work with.”

Lois Brooks
CIO, Oregon State University (now at UW, Madison)

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