Research Collaboration


A hallmark of modern research is collaboration across organizations, from academia, to corporate enterprise, to government. Cirrus Identity makes it easy to enable collaboration without the identity management nightmare.


Fewer Passwords, More Security

Research collaboration happens using online platforms where security is paramount. Online resources can be protected by creating user accounts for all the research collaborators, but that creates time delays, user frustration, and security risk as researchers end up writing down (or storing) the multiple passwords out of practicality.

Researchers already have identities from home universities or companies, as well as social identity providers like Google, LinkedIn, and Microsoft.

Cirrus Identity’s solutions make it easy for research collaboration platforms to integrate multiple external identity providers for user login. This way, faculty can log in with their home university account, private researchers can log in with their home company accounts, and others can log in with custom-federated identity providers or social identity providers.


Federated identity management allows research organizations to collaborate across the world, without the need to manage separate identities. Here, researchers work together in a lab.

Creating Multiple New Accounts is Frustrating

Forcing researchers to create a new username and password for each online collaboration tool is frustrating and takes time away from research.

Research Organizations Waste Time Managing User Accounts

Researchers want to focus on research. Creating and managing user accounts for collaborators is a huge distraction.


How We Help

Provide and Manage User Accounts

With Cirrus Identity’s Gateway and hosted identity services, researchers can leverage social login or create an external login account. Research organizations can eliminate significant IT support costs.

Enterprise and Federated Login

Research organizations can easily allow login from other organizations through enterprise SSO and federated partner integration. That makes it easy for research collaborators to login with trusted identities they already have.


“I think it’s safe to say that Cirrus Gateway will be playing an integral role in helping the astronomical community understand the universe we live in. Which, by my reckoning, is about as cool and important as it gets.”

Warren Anderson
Identity Lead at Gravitational Wave Astronomy (LIGO)

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