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Many applications provide a way to enable login from one of several social identity providers (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, or others). These solutions tend to only work with a single application, whereas end users rarely use a single application in an organization.

The Cirrus Gateway is a general purpose solution that allows any of a number of social providers to be integrated with any organization application or hosted service that supports the SAML v2.0 authentication protocol. When the Gateway is used in conjunction with the Cirrus Identity Provider Proxy, customers have a central point to manage social logins. This can be used for a suite of applications or services, more protocol options (including CAS), and additional proxy capabilities.

Social login and enterprise SSO to the same application. Diagram shows users on the left logging in with enterprise accounts via enterprise IdP and social login via the Cirrus gateway to applications represented on the right of the diagram.

Customers only need to establish API integrations with each social provider. These take the form of keys and secrets shared between the social provider and the Gateway. No other maintenance required. Cirrus Identity maintains the Gateway as a hosted solution. We deploy changes as each social provider updates API integration rules. There is nothing customers run onsite. We’re on top of the integration details so you can forget about them.

The Cirrus Gateway currently supports the following social providers:

Provider Protocol Useful Links Notes
Google OpenID Connect
Facebook OpenID Connect
Microsoft OpenID Connect

This includes Outlook, Hotmail, MSN, Skype, and Windows Live accounts; Office365 domain accounts can also be used if the API integration is properly configured.

LinkedIn OpenID Connect
Twitter OAuth1
Weibo OAuth2
Yahoo! OpenID 2

Cirus Identity leverages the Yahoo OpenID V2 login, which is no longer actively supported by Yahoo. Cirrus Identity will soon support the Yahoo OpenID Connect option, but Yahoo's documentation is incomplete, and their support for this integration has not been tested. We encourage customers to integrate with Yahoo only if they anticipate a significant number of users will select this option.


Facebook has announced they will be phasing out separate Instagram APIs. Cirrus Identity is not recommending the use of Instagram login for new customers and will be phasing out our offering when Facebook makes their updates (announced as 2020).

Cirrus Identity continually evaluates the social login offerings based on social provider API support, customer needs, and changes in end user utilization of different social login platforms.