Bringing social login to enterprise services.

The Cirrus Gateway simplifies the identity management challenge; it allows your enterprise applications to accept Facebook, Google, LinkedIn (plus more) identities for log in to your online communities. Most enterprises have strong, secure identity management systems to handle enterprise identities. The problem is enabling access for users who don't have (or need) an enterprise account. Most companies end up creating an internal "guest" account within their enterprise identity system, but that approach is costly and frustrating for end users.

The Cirrus Gateway Service allows enterprises to on-board "guests" using identities the guests already have - Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. The gateway can also incorporate identity providers from existing federations and/or custom federations, such as businesses that work together and trust each other's identities.

See also our content on Comprehensive Guest Account Management.

Discovery Service - Making it all Super User-Friendly

The whole creating a user profile and login process should be intuitive and EASY. Like really EASY. We've got a proven user experience design for the "Discovery" process that allows application administrators to easily add and remove social, federated, and custom identity providers with a simple drag and drop interface.

We provide a standalone discovery service where users can be redirected after clicking a "login" button in your application, as well as an embedded version that you can run within your own application. 

Here's a peek at how Newcastle University in the UK uses our configurable discovery service:

Would you like to learn more? Let us know how to reach you and we'll gladly send you more detailed information about the Cirrus Identity Gateway service.