Invitation Service

Sponsored accounts - That is, Granting specific people parents who pay tuition

It is impossible to know who all your external users might be which means that predicting who to give access to is also impossible. That's why we have an "Invitation Service", so you don't have to predict the impossible. A student may want their parents to pay tuition. In order for parents to access the bill (in the secure university system) they need to be an "authorized user". Instead of sending parents through an account registration process - the Cirrus Invitation Service lets students INVITE their parents to register with a social identity they already have. This invite is stamped with a "seal of approval" and parents can easily pay tuition. Yes! 

Technical talk

The Cirrus Invitation Service makes it easy for users inside your enterprise to "invite" people outside your enterprise to log in using a social identity. For example when an existing employee invites a contractor, or a student at a university invites a parent. Once the social identities have been added, you can then integrate them with your campus Identity Management System and assign them to groups or other authorization tools as you would your other enterprise/campus identities. If you invite social identities at the Service Provider level, the gateway will serve as a high-level authorization tool, allowing only invited social identities to log into your application.

  • Configure basic guest account parameters at the "organization" level, the Service Provider level, or both
  • Set guest account lifecycle (validity period)
  • Customize guest and sponsor email notifications
  • Determine who can sponsor guests (by eduPersonAffiliation, eduPersonEntitlement, or email address)
  • Set the attributes you require from the social provider
  • Provide URLs for Terms of Service for guests and/or sponsors
  • REST API for consuming guest identities
  • REST API and Administrative UI for initiating invitations
  • Admin UI for viewing current and pending guests

For more information on how the invitation service works, request a demo and we will walk you through the process.